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Jhunjhunwala Group Institutes

About Institute

"The Jhunjhunwala Group of Institute" is strongly wedded to orienting education to capable aspiring students bridging the gap between theory and practice, integrated learning and synchronising the class with the workplace for meeting the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the universe. The Institutions education is an organised attempt to help students to become intelligent, self-reliant and able to face real life situations and must have an economic and ethical relevance to the society.

Jhunjhunwala Group of Institutions have evolved and adopted and adopted the teaching programs and methodology requiring the students to undergo the rigor of the professional world in form as well as in substance providing them an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge, thus as build the long needed bridge between the professional world and the educational world. The Institute wants its Diploma, BCA,ITI and Medical students to imbibe three key values: the intellectual curiosity to inquire, the personal capabilities to inspire and to show the commitment to deliver positive social impact. These values have been made practical by involving industry in curriculum design, internships and placements and by engaging student minds with social purpose through research and hands-on projects. Consequently students will spend between 20 to 30% of their total internships during their course duration.